Performance Installation

Performance Installation, Photo 2014

Artist Statement

Untitled is a combined text installation and performance work in which the installation remains as a discrete work once the performance is finished. The installation part comprises two principal elements:

  1. The titles of over ninety thousand exhibitions that have taken place in public institutions and private galleries of note, internationally, during the past ten years, and affixed to the walls and ceiling of the exhibition space as though they were constituents of a single sentence, an arrangement that empties of them of their original meanings, and makes possible many alternative possible meanings by virtue of their juxtaposition.
  2. A podium that holds a book of similar dimensions to a book of Scripture, but which contains a succession of the same titles, together with the dates and the institutions where the exhibitions took place.

In the performance phase, the artist enters the installation space and, in solemn tones, reads from the book the titles of the exhibitions contained therein, and then exits the space, converting it thereby to a spatial metonym of the semantic emptying of the titles the installation imposes.