The Road Series

Selection of Photos

Artist Statement

Since I was born, I have moved from one place to another every two years until finally, I moved far away from my homeland. In the summer of 2007, I flew over a boundless yellow land to arrive in a green part of Europe. On the way from Frankfurt airport to Kassel, I took the first pictures of my ROAD SERIES.

There was a love story about a Chinese writer, whose most famous quote is, “I crossed many bridges, saw many clouds, but I only loved one good woman at the right time of her life.” During these years, when I traveled thousands of miles, every time I looked out the car window, I saw not only the similarities and differences of many locations and countries, but also the views I caught with my camera, countless moments stilled by points of light, colors, and directions.

Out of focus, the roads, the cars, and the trees appear in a new way that we might consider a kind of truth. During the period 772 – 476 BC, the Chinese Classic of History said that: “The road is as truth not far from us.” I have been trying to find my way to discover the truth, and to be a good woman at the right time of my life.

I like to catch the light on the long road. When there is light, we have hope. No matter how long I have to go on, I believe in the future.

Art Critic Review